Disability Application Benefits for Supplemental Security Income

The disability application process in both SSD and SSI disability is the same; when you apply for disability there are no discernable differences between the two programs. To initiate an application for disability, you have several options. You can apply for disability online, you can call the Social Security Administration’s toll-free line to initiate the procedure, or you can contact your local Social Security office to get things started.

After you make the initial contact, forms will be sent to you to complete and return and, more importantly, a face to face interview appointment will be set. During this appointment, the Social Security representative will ask you questions and clarify your answers. You, the claimant, may also ask questions about the process to ensure that there is no misunderstanding or knowledge gap on your end.

After your claim has been taken in a field office, it will be delivered to a state level agency where it will be assigned to a disability examiner. In most states, this service is called DDS, or disability determination services. However, it goes by other names in different states.

There’s one very important factor that the online procedure does not address: the ability to question a person face-to-face. By and large, the most productive means to apply for disability is to contact your regional Social Security office.

Applying online is essentially a technique by which the Social Security Administration attempts to reduce costs by reducing the involvement of personnel. The online procedure DOES NOT rule out having to speak with a social safety representative and, in fact, in the majority of claims, the SSA contacts the claimant to verify or clarify information that was provided online. This being the case, why should one even bother with an online application?

States with Short-Term Disability Programs

California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island are the only states that have state short-term handicap programs. A few countries offer temporary disability assistance to low-income people in other ways. For instance, Maryland’s Temporary Disability Assistance Program offers cash and medical and housing assistance. Washington has a paid family leave program.

What kind of information does Social Security need from your medical treatment history to process your handicap program?

Social Security needs the names, phone numbers, and dates of treatment of all physicians, clinics, and hospitals that have treated you for your medical and/or mental conditions, because the Social Security Administration will gather your medical records to evaluate your impairments.

Likewise, the SSA will need info regarding the jobs you have worked in the last fifteen years, including the place of employment, job title, and a description of the work that was performed. This is so the Social Security Administration can determine the demands of your prior work and ascertain if you can go back to one of the jobs you worked in the past.

Furthermore, most disability application interviews involve a basic look at your income and resources to establish if you are qualified to receive Supplemental Security Income benefits (because it is a need-based handicap program).

Additionally, you’re required to provide Social Security with information about your marriages, divorces, children, military service, income, and assets. Why does Social Security need this type of information? Social Security gathers information about your marriages and divorces to ascertain if you are qualified for other Social Security benefits.

In summation, your Social Security disability application process will be far less complicated if you are prepared to provide the Social Security Administration with the information it needs to process your disability claim.

Application for SSI Online

Although the Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn’t provide SSI online application access, there are a few resources available on the Internet to help you learn more about how to apply. Tools are offered online to let you jumpstart your application and even complete some of your paperwork in advance of your formal application for benefits.

Apply for Temporary Disability

The eligibility and the availability of short-term (temporary) handicap benefits depend on where you live. Only a few states offer a short-term disability program. Social Security does not provide short-term handicap through either its SSI or SSDI programs.

Other programs that offer short-term or temporary disability benefits are workers’ compensation if the injury is work-related, and private disability insurance paid for by employers (or sometimes purchased by individuals).

Why Isn’t Online Disability Application Offered for SSI?

Unlike SSDI which is a disability program administered and paid directly by the federal government, SSI benefits are a coordinated state and national effort. This means state rules and regulations play a part in a candidate’s eligibility, and therefore, applications are handled at the national level.

SSI benefits are also available to people in various categories, including the elderly as well as disabled children and adults. Review processes and eligibility determinations vary by group, but the SSA provides a range of SSI online tools for each.

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